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The Gazebo Banquet Center is offering summer specials in June and July for new bookings. Discounts are only available for events booked on the following dates. Please call in advance to check room availability.

Friday Pricing on Saturday Evenings Available on These Dates

Saturday 7/22/2017
Saturday 7/29/2017
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Saturday 8/19/2017
Saturday 8/26/2017

Free Chair Covers for Friday Evening Events on These Dates

Friday 07/21/2017
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Host your Business Party at the Gazebo

Are you looking for Top-shelf catering or party hall service for your holiday business party?

The Gazebo Banquet Centers of Macomb County have been providing these and many more event services for many years now. Whether it’s for larger parties such as conferences and conventions or smaller events such as holiday parties, retreats or even it is a private concert, they will make your party much more special as well as convenient.
The Gazebo Banquet Centers understand that such parties are very important for small businesses or even corporations. The aim of a business party is to bring on and lift the spirits of everyone together whether it be a business conference or a wedding reception.

The most efficient way to organize your holiday business party is with the help of our catering services, we only use the highest quality foods and the most knowledgeable staff to cater your party. The Gazebo Banquet Centers have been hosting & catering parties for over forty years. With that much experience hosting different parties and most of all serving good food. They accommodate parties from thirty to two hundred seventy five guests each day of week. All of their catering staffs can cater corporate and personal parties even at day or night. If you are planning to have holiday business party, Gazebo Banquet center is the best choice for you. They can provide you everything you want and needs to make your party more fun and worth remembering for everyone.

Gazebo center can accommodate guest almost on night and day schedule. As one of their valued client, you have the freedom to choose from their lists of standard menu, or one of the custom designs that you want for your party. If your business will be planning to have a meeting, hosting or special business party, then you shouldn’t hesitate to call their service, because right after you contact with them, they will be immediately set you schedule to plan your catering service. Their party planning catering service is available anytime to make sure you have fun and memorable event.

Also, Gazebo banquet center have their 4 banquet halls that provide the perfect setting for medium and small sized holiday business party. The two of their 4 banquet party halls can be also combined for larger events. Well, party is everywhere, so if you probably wondering where to host your business party, the best solution is choosing the Gazebo banquet halls of macomb county. Hiring their catering service is the best choice to host your own private events.

There are many reasons why you should hire the Gazebo banquet center for your holiday business party. All of their staff and personnel are professional and they know how to make your party more refreshing and fun for your guests. So, if you are planning to have party, whether it is big or small affair, just contact Gazebo for your catering and party venue. Everything you are expecting in one service is here, so what you are waiting for call us now for 5-star service. Check out what we can do for your party.

Fantastic Events with Gazebo Catering

Banquet halls are great, but there are tons of fun outdoor events to plan in Macomb County, Michigan as well, and when you do host an outdoor event your guests are going to want food at some point, think gazebo catering. Instead of doing all the cooking yourself, save time and a mess in your kitchen by getting your outdoor event catered! You’re already working hard to host your event, so why add extra work on top of that? Give yourself a break and let the professionals come in and take care of your hungry guests while you sit back and enjoy the get together. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding, birthday party, BBQ, family reunion, or anything else, choosing to have an outdoor event catered is a decision you’ll definitely be glad you made. Imagine the difference between being responsible for feeding upwards of 50 people and simply choosing the dishes and showing up to an event full of delicious, gourmet food.

Of course, hiring a catering service for an outdoor wedding is a wonderful idea, but you don’t even have to be hosting some lavish spring wedding to be in need of gazebo catering services. Even simple family reunions in the park and backyard birthday parties are just that much better (and more fun for the host) when a catering service is hired. If there’s an outdoor event with people, a catering service is the way to go. We offer a huge variety of dishes with our off-site catering service, so we’re sure to have something you’ll love whatever your taste may be. It makes everything about the event less stressful, easier to manage, and just all-around better. Your guests will thank you for the delicious food and you’ll get to enjoy your event (as well as the food!). Hiring gazebo catering services will take the guesswork out of feeding guests at your next event!

Winter Wedding Ceremony

Winter weddings are beautiful and magical when they represent the silver snow and the cozy home fireplace. One option for a ceremony is in front of a gorgeous stone fireplace. The chairs would look the best when they are adorned with holiday-inspired covers. Or decorate the chairs along the aisle with ornaments and berries. Another lovely idea is silver and blue ceremony themed wedding.

Wedding Gown and Flowers

An option for a wedding gown is a bling with the embellishments on a silvery gown are reminiscent of snowflakes. To make the wedding gown perfect is combining it with crystal-embellished shoes and a bedazzled clutch. Together with it all a pretty cape will keep you from freezing during outdoor photos. For the flowers a sophisticated color palette would be best. Or another option is a combination of strong red color so it would bring more attention it the white wedding.

Wedding Photos

For the photos good ideas are taking them in your town’s holiday décor with all the nice winter lights. Or another way is making photos by capturing the snow.


Transform your reception space into a magical snow-covered forest. Having icicle-inspired centerpieces will bring winter snow magic in the wedding. Or by placing white birch branches adorned with feathers, white orchids, and crystals on the tables it will make the wedding more beautiful. Snowflake candles perfectly accent a table.

Dance Floor

Around the dance floor or hanging above the dance floor an icy blue and white color, with snowflakes is a really fun option. Instead of that an option is crystal-dripped chandeliers inspired by icicles.

Wedding Cake

For the wedding cake the interesting options are snowball-covered cake or a snowflakes-covered cake. Perfect for a wedding during the holiday season also is a cake inspired by wrapped gifts.


A romantic method of transportation for your wedding day is a horse-drawn sleigh.

Holiday Party at the Gazebo for Business

Corporate or holiday party, whether they are big parties such as conventions and conferences, or smaller events such as retreats, holiday parties or even private concerts, they all need to be perfect and entertaining. These parties are very important for corporations or businesses. Corporate parties aim to lift the spirit and bring everyone together to celebrate and have fun.

The best way to organize a corporate or holiday party is using the help of a catering company with long experience and high quality food. The Gazebo banquet center has over 40 years’ experience making good food and hosting great parties. They accommodate events from 30 to 275 guests every day of the week. They can cater your personal, business, or corporate event, day or night. If you are having a business parties, holiday office parties or even business lunches then the Gazebo banquet center can provide you with everything that you need.

The Gazebo banquet center can accommodate almost any schedule day or night. You can choose from a standard menu, or one custom designed for you. If your business is having a party, hosting a meeting or training event then you shouldn’t think anymore and call them. Their 5-star party planning service is available to make sure you have an enjoyable event.

They have four banquet halls that provide the perfect setting for small to medium sized parties. Two of the four banquet halls can be combined for the bigger parties. Christmas is coming soon and you are probably wondering where to host your company’s Christmas or holiday party. The solution is choosing one of the banquet halls or even hire The Gazebo banquet center to host the party in your company’s building.

Where to host the next corporate party or event? The answer is loud and clear: The Gazebo Banquet Center. Contact them now:

Call (586) 979-6030
31104 Mound Rd.
Warren, Michigan 48092

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Plans Fall weddings are most effective when they reflect the nature and the warmth of the home’s warmth. The colors of the wedding are best when they associate the fall and the yellow fallen leaves. The brown trees and the beautiful sunset are the best inspiration for the fall weddings. Inspired by the magical season of autumn these are the next color and wedding themes for a lovely wedding. Color Palettes:

  1. Crimson and Gold:   This is a hot color palette for fall. You can decorate your tables with gilded chargers and deep red napkins. It will bring out the warmth.
  2.  Cream and Wine:    This look is very classical with the dark brown chiavari chairs which complete this elegant autumn look.
  3.  Red, Purple, and Cream:  Intricate tablecloths, draped chair covers, which make the old-fashion stand out and purple up-lighting, create a beautiful ambiance.
  4.  Orange, Brown, and Purple: Darker-colored tablecloths add drama and attention to the fall wedding theme.


  1. Falling Leaves Centerpiece: An abundant centerpiece with scattered petals below reflects the leaves falling from the trees.
  2. Candelabra Centerpieces: A gothic-inspired candelabra dripping in crystals is adorned with roses. These centerpieces associate the fall in the past.
  3. Woodsy Centerpieces: Branches of manzanita in tall vases add a natural, woodsy element. This makes the autumn weddings leave a good mark.
  4. Vibrant Centerpieces:  A unique blend of bold florals in autumnal shades such as orange red and green which will give a good vibe in the wedding.
  5. Glowing Centerpieces: Amber candles give off a warmer glow than white, creating a romantic autumnal ambiance.

Ceremony Décor: For the wedding ceremony the best décor is: a birch and curly willow arch, filled with hydrangeas and bittersweet berries in autumn tones. Types of ceremony:

  1. Open-Roof Ceremony If you want to set the ceremony under the shining stars but you don’t want your guests to freeze then you should consider an open-roof venue equipped with space heaters.
  2. Outdoor Ceremony A beautiful natural ceremony setting, filled with colorful leaves. For this kind of ceremony shawls can be set out with a calligraphed tag reading “cuddle up and stay warm” so guests could keep cozy as temperatures dropped.
  3. Woodsy Wedding Cake There isn’t a better thing than to finish up the wedding with a woodsy wedding cake.

Your Dream Wedding

A wedding is the celebration of love no matter the cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries and social classes. It is a ceremony where people are gathered to be the witnesses of the uniting and marking the love and commitment of two people. That is why not only the bride or groom has to be perfect but the whole celebration has to be perfect.
To achieve perfection there has to be a group of experienced people in that filed that will do the main work everything from the food up to the decoration. It all has to be high quality and pretty. To achieve your dream wedding you should take a look at what The Gazebo Banquet Center has to offer. The Gazebo Banquet Center has been providing five star services at an affordable rate in their elegant banquet halls and fine dining since 1974. Over the years they have built a foundation of quality, value, and elegance in Macomb County and have seen lots of families satisfied from their services. From the very beginning they offer the very best in fine dining and service. Besides being best at making showers and parties, memorial services, business event and other services, they specialize in the wedding receptions.
They offer different plans for your wedding: Premium Plan, Gold Plan and Classic Plan. For the Premium plan they offer Premium Bar, Chair Covers (100 person minimum), Elegant Entrance and your choice of either a Chocolate Fountain or their Dessert. The Gold Plan they have Standard Bar, Elegant Entrance and Dessert. For the Classic Plan they offer the Standard Bar. Other additional options they offer are Ice Mold, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Home Baked Cookies or Dessert. To see all their food and drink options you should follow this link: . Besides the wedding services they offer Profession Decorators, Professional DJ Services, and Experienced Photographers & Videographers.
The decorations on a wedding should follow a specific theme. It is a way of expressing of your feelings toward the celebration. If you are confused and don’t know what your theme is supposed to look like there are decorators in The Gazebo Banquet Center that can help you decide. Some of the most effective and beautiful themes and color mixtures are the next: White Gold and Silver Theme, Wine Violet and Purple Theme, White Green and Teal Theme, Red Black and White Theme.
If you want your wedding to be a symbol of pure, clean and high class you should choose the White Gold and Silver Theme. Most people choose this theme because it’s simple but yet really elegant and classic.
If you want to put an accent to the high class and to symbolize the royalty on your wedding then the Wine Violet and Purple Theme is the best theme for you. These colors are really relaxing and bring calmness to the environment.
White Green and Teal theme is the theme that symbolizes the nature and it’s magic. So, if you want your wedding to be a symbol of the uniqueness and the Mother Nature then you should choose this theme.
To bring more power and excitement in the wedding then you should choose the Red Black and White Theme. The red is the symbol of passion, love and power.
So if you want to get more advices and to have the wedding of your dreams contact The Gazebo Banquet Center.

How to throw a party like a professional

Throwing parties starting from small home parties, birthdays up to wedding celebrations can be really stressful, costly and yet not give the outcome that you expected. You might end up looking like a mess running all over the place fixing things instead of spending the time with the guests and enjoying the event. So if you are planning to throw a party or make a celebration that will be memorable and cost you less, you should hire a professional catering company.

Top 5 reasons why to choose the Gazebo Banquet Centers catering

  1. No Stress. First of all when you hire a catering company you don’t have to worry about preparing or cooking the dishes, so you can relax spend more time with your guests and be the perfect host.
  2. Great Quality Food. The Gazebo Banquet Center offers great menus with food that is unique and tasteful. With more than 40 years’ experience in food excellence they will meet and overcome your expectations.
  3. Cost. Hosting your event at a venue like a Hotel banquet hall you could be charged up to three times the amount you would using our banquet services. Other option is to use The Gazebo Banquet Center’s halls which provide the perfect setting for small, medium, and large sized receptions, showers, parties and meetings.
  4. Enjoy your event. When you hire a catering company you will have more free time to prepare yourself for the event without worrying. You’ll have more time to catch up with old friends, introduce family members and enjoy the company of loved ones on the event.

The Gazebo Banquet Centers has nearly 40 years experience in delivering excellent food and professional services. They comfortably accommodate events from 30 to 275 guests every day of the week. They can cater your personal, business, or corporate event, day or night. They can accommodate almost any schedule day or night. You can choose from a standard menu, or one custom designed for you. Their 5-star event planning service is available to make sure you have an enjoyable event.

There are many more reasons why you should hire a catering company, but see for yourself and contact The Gazebo Banquet Center:

Call (586) 979-6030

31104 Mound Rd.

About The Chef


Chef Scott Klemme plays a big role in the success of the center and he has been Executive Chef at The Gazebo for 22 years. He has overseen the serving of close to 2 million satisfied customers at The Gazebo. Executive Chef Scott has been in the food service industry for 34 years. He got his Culinary Arts Degree in 1988.  He has a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management and Organization in the year of 1994. He is continuing Education in Specialty Culinary Food Aspects 1989-current. Chef Scott is a member in American Culinary Federation and the Michigan Chapter Chef De Cuisine. He received Recipient of the State of Michigan Serve-Safe Food Safely certificate.

He would like to share his special seasonal Caprese salad recipe with us.


  • 2 pounds vine-ripened tomatoes (about 4 large), sliced ¼ inch thick
  • 1 pound fresh mozzarella, sliced ¼ inch thick
  • ¼ cup packed fresh basil or arugula leaves, washed well and spun dry
  • ¼ teaspoon dried oregano, crumbled, if using arugula instead of basil
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • fine sea salt to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste


On a large platter arrange tomato and mozzarella slices and basil leaves, alternating and overlapping them. Sprinkle salad with oregano and arugula and drizzle with oil. Season the salad with salt and pepper.